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2019 The Wandering Inn Demographics Survey Results & Analysis!

Hi folks! Our survey ended with a total of 774 responses, which easily exceeded my expectations.
As this was the first survey we've made, there were a few errors on our side which made it harder to read the data, which is why this post will contain an analysis of the survey and its results. If you'd like to skip straight ahead and decipher the results yourself, you can view them right [here]


Mostly analyzes the results that are hard to decipher, due to errors in how the survey was made.
What is your age range? (774 responses)
32.3%: Ages 24-29. 31.7%: Ages 19-23. 17.4%: Ages 30-39. 9.4%: Ages 14-18. 8.1%: Ages 40 and older. 0.6%: Ages 13 and younger. 0.4%: Prefer not to say.
What is your gender? (774 responses)
87.6% Male. 9.4% Female. 1.6% Prefer not to say. 1.4% Non-Binary/Other
Where are you from? (774 responses)
52.8% North America. 29.7% Europe. 8.1% Asia. 6.1% Australia. 2.2% South America. 1% Africa
Here, we made an error by writing Australia, and not Oceania (which also includes New Zealand, for example)
What is your timezone? (GMT) (616 responses)
The most populated timezones among survey takers are GMT+1 (16.7%), GMT -5 (12.2%) and GMT +2 (10.2%).
What is your preferred method of reading the series? (774 responses)
85.9%: The Site. 10.7% Royalroad. 3.4%: The Ebook
Error: The lack of an 'Other' field.
How did you hear about the series? (774 responses)
So, this was perhaps the most glaring oversight: we did not include options for Royalroad or Topwebfiction, which meant sorting through quite a lot of data. We did it for you so you wouldn't have to, though! In cases where multiple sources were mentioned, we picked the first one. In cases where the result was under 1% (for example, webfictionguide was 0.6% and thus merged into Other), we merged it into Other. If the answer was unclear or did not mention a source, we merged it into Unspecified. This data was gathered manually from a .csv of the answers so there may be a few minor rounding errors.
23.2%: Reddit. 16%: Royalroad. 15.4%: Topwebfiction. 13.1%: I don't remember. 9.3%: Forums. 8.6%: Friends & Family. 6.4%: Amazon. 2.3%: Other. 2.1%: UncleaUnspecified. 1.6%: Erfworld. 1.4%: Blog.
What are your preferred methods of interacting with other members of the TWI fanbase? (Blank if you don't interact with the fanbase) (596 responses) (multiple choice)
This question was unintentionallly required at first, so in reality there are less responses than listed. Site comments, Reddit and Discord seem to be the most popular methods of staying in the loop.
What kind of fan content would you like to see more of? (664 responses)
57.7% Fanart. 27.6% Fan Theories / Discussions. 9.5%. Fanfictions 5.2%: Other.
Most of the 'Other' consisted of people supporting all types of fan content. A few requested maps, music, and roleplaying.
At what age did you become a Fantasy reader? (774 responses)
77.8%: 13 or younger. 13.6%: 14-18. 4.8%: 19-23. 2.3%: 24-29. 0.6%: 30-39. 0.5%: i don't read Fantasy usually 0.4%: 40 or older.
For future surveys, it will be capped at "30 or older" and contain more specific options in place of "under 13", which had an overwhelming majority. This will be to get more accurate data.
How do you prefer your books? (774 responses)
32.2%: Don't have a preference. 27.3%: Online/On the web. 19.8%: Physical Books. 18.9%: Ebooks. 1.9%: Audiobooks.
How would you rate the Discord Mod Team? (335 responses)
Avg. Rating: 7.4/10
How would you rate the Reddit Mod Team? (350 responses)
Avg. Rating: 7.28/10.
Have you spent money on TWI? (767 responses)
48.2%: Yes, I am/was a patreon member, have donated money, or purchased the ebook. 31.3%: No, but I am currently considering it. 20.5%: No.
*Who is your favorite monster that was tamed by the main cast?" (774 responses)
52.8% Apista. 31.1% Healing Slime. 11.4% Bismark. 4.7% Frostwing
Of the three main characters from Earth, who is your favorite? (774 responses)
75.7% Erin. 18.9% Ryoka. 5.4% Laken
If you could could bring the knowledge/blueprints to produce a single invention from Earth, what would it be? (547 responses)
Lots of creative answers here! I recommend you read these for yourself if you have the time. Most recurring answers were Steam Engine, Printing Press, by far. Additional popular answers were Penicillin and electricity, or forms of transportation such as trains or bycicles.
If you could ressurect a single Goblin who died, who would it be? (584 responses)
Pyrite had a vast majority of votes. Additional popular votes were Velan, All of them, or None of them. There were many other characters with many votes, such as Reiss, Noears, Garen, but they were all dominated by Pyrite.
Which race are you most curious to learn more about? (774 responses)
This question was pretty fun - I knew right off the bat that with TWI's wide amount of races, I'd miss a few (and i did - but people obviously didn't forget about them). For the leading results:
14%: Goblins 12.4%: Elves & Half Elves. 12.4%: Dragons. 11.1%: Faeries. 10.9% Gazers. 9.8% Antinium.
Which unique food in Erin's inn are you most curious to try?
50.8%: Faerie Nectar. 33.6%: Bluefruit Juice 7.4%: Dead gods, why would I try any of these?! 6.6%: Scale Soup. 0.9%: Acid Flies. 0.5%: Scale Soup. 0.3%: Scale Salad
Thank you all for taking the survey! If you liked it, please show your support by [Voting for The Wandering Inn]! See you next year with a (much better and less faulty) survey!
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