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P2P Bitcoin Derivative Trading Through the Blockchain: Equities, Bonds, Forex & Commodities

Research & ideas to use [Veritaseum's UltraCoin]( **user programmable Bitcoin swaps** to trade exposures to cryptos, forex, equities, bonds & commodities through 45,000+ global tickers & up to 10,000x price leverage - peer-to-peer. Veritaseum's UltraCoin is a software concern that holds no client funds and is not a financial entity, hence presents you with no counterparty or default risk. [Download the client & tutorials](

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BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to

testing blackcoin css

testing blackcoin css

New Bitcoin Cash faucet, quick with no captcha

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08-17 21:12 - 'Forget about Faucet / Can't Aford to buy Bitcoin, Why not earn them? Here’s My 4 Quick Free Easy Ways To Earning Bitcoin. 1) make some money recycling bottles, plastic bottles, cans, papers, boxes, etc. Going to parks and...' by /u/Crypto-Gee removed from /r/Bitcoin within 106-116min

Forget about Faucet Can't Aford to buy Bitcoin, Why not earn them? Here’s My 4 Quick Free Easy Ways To Earning Bitcoin. 1) make some money recycling bottles, plastic bottles, cans, papers, boxes, etc. Going to parks and beaches, I make $20 to $40 turining in 8 large plastic bags full of recyclable materials. Take your $$ and buy some Bitcoin. 2)Sell your used iPhones, Androids, iPads, iPods, and Macs for Bitcoin. Gazelle will pay you in Bitcoin. [link]1 3) Turn your unwaned items into Bitcoin. Just sell your unwaned items or you could simply buy something off of ebay or locally and try to flog it on: [link]2 , [link]3 , [link]4 , [link]5 , [link]6 , [link]7 , [link]8 , U.K.-based , you can create a store and post your own items for sale with no rules or fees on OpenBazaar. Bitcoin owner should be treating OpenBazaar bitcointalk.Org where you can sale your own items . 4) Earn Cryto-Currency without having a website. Affiliate programs are ways to earn Cryptocurrencies without having a website. Just find a affiliate offer like the one at [link]9 . The best ways to promote your affiliate link is facebook, youtube, twitter and lot of ways. Just get the traffic through that source, and bam, you make the Cryptocurrencies.
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1: bit*o*nbui*der.*om/g*z*l*e/ 2: pu*se*i*/me*cha*ts/ 3: 2*.co/m*t/ 4: 5: *n*er.bital**com/ 6: b*tify**om/ 7: b*t*oinc*a*** 8: w**** 9: loca*bitco**s.c*m/
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95 Bitcoin Cash faucet into one, to earn BCC quickly

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Earn Bitcoin with an app (simple, quick, and not a bitcoin faucet)

So for the past month I have been using an app on the play store called Bitit. It gives you credits in exchange for downloading apps. Those credits can be redeemed for bitcoin directly into your bitcoin. wallet. Unlike other apps that give you credits in exchange for downloading apps, this one immediately gives you the credits after the download, and so you don't have to go through the bullshit of having to register yourself or completing a task. Just download, open, and get credits. To redeem for bitcoin, you need 500 credits, and most apps give you well over 100 credits for a download. You can also get credits everyday just for using the app and getting your daily reward. You also get loyalty credits from the apps that you install and keep on your phone. You just go to loyalty rewards, click the apps you have installed, and you get credits just for opening them. You can also get credits for referring people. If you refer someone, you get 50 credits when they install it, and 10% of all the credits they earn. If your referred person refers another person for themselves, you get 10% of the other referred person's credits. This app does not require any personal information of you and there is no signup. To use the app, it asks for you phone number and that is it. It is supposed to call you to confirm its your number (it never calls you) and you can use the app. Now, if you are like me, I use my mom's phone number as well as my own. But, I don't have the app installed on her phone. Instead, I have an old phone, and put her number into the app, it will say the call failed and it will text a code instead. I get the code from her phone, and type it in to the old broken phone that is connected to wifi. This means her actual phone has nothing to do with the app, and the other old phone can download credits. I tried using my own personal phone number on 3 devices to see if I can get triple the credits for downloading the same apps, but your phone number is used to remember your credits and apps, so if you install an app on one device, the offer disappears as well on the other devices. So maybe if you want to save memory on your phone, install the app on an old phone no one uses, and put in your phone number, wait for it to say call is unavailable, get the code from your phone, and put it in the old phone. Now you can just download apps on and old phone and get bitcoin direct to your bitcoin wallet. Through this app, you can realistically make 4 to five dollars a week if you download every single day and chack at all times of day to see apps that give you tons of credits. The apps offered are usually games, and apps from actual companies like Walgreens, McDonalds, Rhapsody, Paypal, Ebay, etc. I personally love downloading Rhapsody because they always give you more than 500 credits when you download it. (remember you get points for merely opening the app, you dont have to register for anything). Although Loyalty rewards are nice, I uninstall every app because my phone is only 8gb. Besides that, the same app will likely be offered tomorrow, and you get more credits for installing it again, than keeping it in your phone and getting the loyalty Credits. Now you might ask, well what do I use Bitcoin for, and what is this wallet you are telling me about? Ok so a bitcoin wallet is self explanatory as it is a wallet for your bitcoins. You can get a wallet online, or in the app store. I highly recommend using BitX on the google play store. You register with your email, it tells you how much money you have in USD and in Bitcoin, and it tells you the value of Bitcoin. Notice that this is unlike other Beer money, because the Price of Bitcoin goes up and down, so if it goes up to like 1200 like it was last year, and you had 20 dollars worth when it is 400, you will now have 60 USD. That is why I haven't bought anything yet with my bitcoin as I am waiting for the price to go up, so I get more money. You can use bitcoins to buy reddit gold, and other things. You can sell bitcoins directly to people, or you can buy gift cards for amazon, and other places if you just google it. I have made 25 dollars so far in USD, but as the price fluctuates, I sometimes have 23 and other times 29. There are other apps exactly the same format as this Bitit app, and are from the same company. The other apps are TidBit, and TopitApp. They work the exact same way, look the same, but they sometimes have different offers, so you can use all 3 apps on your phone and have 3 different amounts of credits for the apps. Not only that, but you can claim your daily reward for each app every single day. To further clarify, these are not bitcoin faucets. You get credits for downloading apps and opening them. You can immediately uninstall those apps after you open them. (that is what I do). 500 credits are about 30 cents, but you can easily make that and can redeem once or twice a day, and remember you can use the 3 apps. Here is a picture of the app I know it says 0 credits earned, but that id because I just redeemed over 1000 credits that I earned today, and it can be seen from my Bitcoin Wallet Transactions from BitX here: Here is proof that I have made 25 dollars so far: Here are the links to the app (I dont think its available for IOS) Bitit Ref Non Ref Tidbit Ref Non Ref TopitApp Ref Non Ref Thanks for reading. I just thought I'd share because I love reading the posts here. I personally use bing rewards, my coke rewards, and perk TV and can say that although I have made 45 bucks in amazon gift cards, I have made 25 dollars apart from the 45 even quicker with this bitcoin app. (also quick note), yes you can click the links, and it'll take you to the play store even if you are on your computer. You can download the app to your phone from your computer.
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Quick and good faucet rotator /r/Bitcoin

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Hi guys, I made a faucet rotator with the best and last faucets that give you a decent amount of satoshi in a good time. I use it daily as it is easier than frequently changing tabs and I invite you to also try it out. Thanks [link]1
Quick and good faucet rotator
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1: **inrotator*net/d**deka*izer*
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Quick question about Bitcoin faucets.

Like most new Bitcoin users I am trying to acquire some Bitcoin to mess around with, send to friends, etc, and have come across several BTC faucets. My question is: how exactly do faucets work? Who is handing out this money and why? Is it safe? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
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I worked hard for it: version 2.0 of LuckyNano is finally there. Come and check out a fun faucet for a change :)

Howdy ~♪
It's been a vague promise for a year now, life has been quite busy on my end but, yay, we've done it: LuckyNano 2.0 is a thing ! Do pay us a visit by clicking this link, peeps.
As always, I'm sure many of you don't know LN, so let me introduce you: LuckyNano started in January 2018, with the idea of creating a faucet to introduce people to Nano, but in a fun way. I felt really bummed that such an awesome currency as Nano would only be discovered through dull faucets, where all you do to get munie is clicking a button, every now and then. Worse, some only allow you to claim once, or at the cost of viewing ads.
I was a big fan of for Bitcoin (RIP), which let you play casino games in exchange of a few satoshi, with a big community component around it. People were enticed to chat and build a strong fanbase, and those who wanted to help the project would invest their own money to unlock perks and features.
This is *exactly* what I'm going for with LuckyNano: a faucet with casino-inspired games where you win NANO, but with a more modern design, and an enhanced multiplayer aspect. And those who are willing to try their luck for a quick buck, or simply want to help keep the project afloat can deposit a couple of NANO to play for higher stakes.
So ! On to what 2.0 has to offer:
Please try it, and share some love if you feel like it. :-)
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This Minor Cryptocurrency Is On Track To Smash Bitcoin In 2020

This Minor Cryptocurrency Is On Track To Smash Bitcoin In 2020
Bitcoin has outperformed most other assets so far this year and is on course to be one of the best bets of 2020.
The bitcoin price, after plummeting in March amid a wider coronavirus-induced sell-off, is up around 30% so far this year.
However, one minor cryptocurrency has almost doubled in price since January—with many expecting it to climb yet further.
Tezos, trading as XTZ, has risen by 85% since the beginning of the year, adding to gains made last year and giving tezos a market capitalization of almost $1.8 billion.
At the beginning of the year, tezos was the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap data, but has now broken into the top ten—and could move quickly past some rivals if its run continues.
"Tezos seems to be one of the most popular platforms for new projects to build on at the moment," said Mati Greenspan, the founder of market analysis firm Quantum Economics, who holds some tezos.
"Several projects that I'm currently advising are using it. As well, the tokenomics are structured in a way that a lot of the incoming supply are diverted to staking and taken off the market."
Tezos, which styles itself as a "self-amending cryptographic ledger" and uses the so-called proof-of-stake consensus model, has emerged as a favourite blockchain and cryptocurrency for tokenized real-estate and security tokens.
Since bitcoin's closely-watched supply squeeze this week, some have suggested those that maintain the bitcoin network, known as miners, might switch their computing power to other cryptocurrencies—potentially giving them a boost.
However, tezos, which uses proof-of-stake instead of bitcoin's proof-of-work, cannot be mined like bitcoin.
Proof-of-stake blockchains are generally thought to be more scalable and less resource-intensive as they don't require miners to solve complex mathematical problems in order to create the next bloc.
They also incentivize tokenholder participation in network security.
Tezos holders, if their funds are stored in certain wallets, can "stake" their XTZ and receive additional tokens as a reward for creating and verifying new blocks in the chain.
"Tezos is not a proof-of-work based coin, so it can't be mined," said Joe DiPasquale, chief executive of hedge fund manager BitBull Capital.
"However, it is one of the more promising projects to come out of the initial coin offering-era, which gives it an edge in times such as these, when the bitcoin price appreciates and lifts the market for a select-few, quality projects."
Tezos has benefited from various platforms supporting the ability to "stake" tezos tokens over recent months, according to DiPasquale, who pointed to the U.S. division of major bitcoin and crypto exchange Binance, "which is also a positive driver for price."
The tezos rally, which began in November last year, has also been pushed on by major partnerships with the financial world and the so-called Tezos Foundation’s Faucet, that awards users up to 0.01 XTZ every 12 hours.
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A portal opened in front of my car today and I hit a time traveler. I cradled him in my arms and he gave me some pages from a journal. His dying words: “take this and publish it to r/Buttcoin. The world must know what awaits it. I fear, however, trying to change the future is futile.” Here it is.

Thursday, July 27, 2023
5:30 am -My alarm goes off blaring random Leo Wolf clips. When he says “I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!” I roll out of bed and fill my kitty’s bowl until it overflows. I watch his obese body slide out from under the bed and make its way toward the bowl. I return to sleep.
5:53 am - I awake to Mr. Fats barfing up his food along with a tiny baggie containing a small slip of paper with one-time codes to unlock my trading computers. Not safe to just leave them laying around at night where they could be stolen while I sleep or photographed by a drone through a window.
6:15 am - I enter my sonically shielded (so no one can record my typing patterns) and EMF shielded (obvious reasons) trading room I built out of the closet next to the front door of my 200 square foot apartment. I unlock my machines and get the new random passwords for tomorrow. Time to start trading during my self-imposed two hour trading schedule. Things are looking good. HomeCoin is up 10% - yes! - one step closer to being out of the apartment and into my own house. PottyCoin went down the tubes last night, so to speak, but I knew it was coming and I hedged with 10x margin shorts. Someone will be personally wiping my butt clean in a luxurious stall today! WaterCoin down - no wonder my faucet wasn’t working this morning - but CoffeeCoin up. One of my exchanges exit scammed last night but like most people I have at least ten different exchange accounts with balances at any given time.
8:15 am - I’m done trading. I wipe the sweat from my brow and take my pulse. 137. Not bad! Who needs exercise when you spend each morning with your life savings one click away from being decimated? Suddenly I remember that my paycheck came in last night and it’s time to do some bitcoin cost averaging to my altcoin portfolio. The bitcoin transaction fee eats up half my paycheck, as usual, but I’m not too worried. Lightning Network is only about 18 months from being production-ready and high fees will soon be a thing of the past.
8:33 am - I make it to my favorite coffee shop a little late and order my favorite latte. The cashier frowns, however. Turns out that five minutes ago CoffeeCoin pulled a bart and I can’t even pay for half a cup. I shrug, “I guess I’ll have to trade for more tomorrow!” I tell the cashier as I leave. Oh c